LAPD Officer Cited for DUI After Allegedly Driving His Motorcycle the Wrong Way in a Tunnel near LAX Airport

April 26, 2011 – An experienced Los Angeles cop was arrested on suspicion of DUI early on the morning of Saturday, April 13 after he allegedly drove his motorcycle the wrong way down the Sepulveda Tunnel near LAX airport. He was arrested at 4:15 AM by Los Angeles Airport Police and was booked and released at the LAPD Pacific Division.

The officer was later identified as LAPD Officer Joseph M. Bezak out of the Hollywood division.   Bezak was arrested after airport officers responded to a radio call that there was a motorcycle driving north in the southbound lanes of Sepulveda Boulevard. The blood alcohol level of the officer has still not been released.  It is also unclear whether this officer has been placed on administrative leave.  According to Richard French, an LAPD spokesperson, “If there is a DUI arrest, that person probably would be placed temporarily on leave but we cannot verify that for certain in this case.”

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