Are you facing DUI Charges in Ventura County?

Contacting the DUI Professor immediately following your arrest is the most proactive thing you can do to protect yourself, your rights, and your driving privileges. The DUI Professor will answer questions, educate you about what you can expect, and provide you with thorough defense representation.

It is critical that you understand the gravity of a DUI arrest in Ventura County. Without proper representation, the consequences can be severe and lingering. It is crucial at this point in the process to hire a DUI lawyer to ensure that you are treated fairly, being represented as an individual, and that your rights are protected.

Considering the numerous punishments that can accompany a DUI charge, there is no time like the present to act to minimize or even eliminate the consequences you may be facing. The DUI Professor, experienced in the Ventura County Court system, will explain the penalties and how best to avoid them. Some of the potential punishments are as follows:

  • Jail Time
  • Fines and Fees
  • Mandatory Participation In A Treatment Program
  • Probation
  • Restitution
  • Alcohol Monitoring
  • Ignition Interlock Device
  • Work Release
  • License Suspension

Take a proactive role in your defense by contacting the DUI Professor. The sooner you act, the fresher the events surrounding arrest will be in your mind, enabling you to provide crucial details to the Professor which will be used to build your defense. Contact Attorney Parker today to protect your rights. The DUI Professor is committed to providing you with the personalized and compassionate legal representation that you deserve!

Choosing The DUI Attorney That Is Right For You

It is vital that you select a defense attorney with the proper skills to represent you. For instance, if you had a brain tumor you would not hire a general practitioner to remove it. You would select a neurosurgeon to perform the operation. The same principle applies to selecting an attorney to represent you on your DUI charges. You need a defense attorney whose practice focuses on representing those charged with driving under the influence offenses, and who possess a well crafted skill set specific to Ventura County. No Court system in California is identical. Each County has a Court system that operates uniquely. A DUI attorney familiar with Ventura County Courts will have the skill and experience necessary to finesse your case to its best advantage. Having a DUI attorney on your side who has this foundational knowledge of the Ventura County Court system will give you the best possibility to minimize the penalties and to protect your driving privileges.

When facing the uncertainties of a DUI charge, having the confidence of knowing your case is in the hands of a professional who possesses experience and a comprehensive knowledge of the Ventura County Court system is invaluable. The DUI Professor will build a case that is specific to your circumstances, and present that case in way that has the greatest potential for success in Ventura County. Do not lose any more time. Contact the DUI Professor today to help guide you through both the Ventura County Court and Oxnard Driver Safety Office processes!

Ventura County Court Process

Following arrest for driving under the influence, the officer forwards his/her report to the District Attorney’s Office for review. A charging deputy will review the arrest reports and determine what charges, if any, should be filed. Typically, the charges will be filed via complaint. The charges can range from misdemeanors to felonies depending on the specific circumstances of your arrest. Should your matter be filed as a misdemeanor, your Ventura County DUI attorney should be able to appear in Court without you being present. The arraignment is the first hearing after your arrest and your attorney will many times enter a plea of “not guilty” on your behalf. Other times, your DUI defense lawyer will continue the arraignment if she believes it is in your best interest. If a “not guilty” plea is entered, then your matter will be set for a pretrial hearing.

The pretrial hearing will give your Ventura County DUI attorney the chance to negotiate your case with the prosecuting attorney, determine if further discovery is required, and file any necessary pretrial motions. At this point, once the case has been fully reviewed, your attorney may discuss with you the possibility of entering into a plea bargain, or continuing your matter to trial. Rest assured that your best interest will always be the top priority to the DUI Professor.

Ventura County DMV Process

Following a DUI arrest, the arresting officer typically confiscates the physical driver’s license and replaces it with a pink sheet of paper. That pink piece of paper acts as your temporary driver’s license for 30 days. You must request an Administrative Per Se (APS) hearing through the Oxnard Driver Safety Office within 10 days of your arrest. If you fail to request this hearing within 10 days of the date of arrest, you will lose your right to the APS hearing. The DUI Professor can contact the Oxnard Driver Safety Office on your behalf to request the APS hearing, discovery, and a stay on your license. Once the APS hearing has been requested, you will be issued a new temporary license which will remain in effect until a decision is rendered on the hearing.

A Hearing Officer who represents the Oxnard Driver Safety Office will preside over your APS hearing. The Hearing Officer bears the burden proof for the following issues:

There are three issues if the licensee submitted to a chemical test:

  • Did the officer have reasonable cause to believe that the licensee was driving a motor vehicle in violation of California Vehicle Code Sections 23152 or 23153?
  • Was the licensee lawfully arrested?
  • Was the licensee driving a motor vehicle with 0.08% or more, by weight, of alcohol in the blood?

There are four issues if the licensee refused to submit to, or failed to complete a chemical test:

  • Did the officer have reasonable cause to believe that the licensee was driving a motor vehicle in violation of California Vehicle Code Sections 23152 or 23153?
  • Was the licensee lawfully arrested?
  • Was the licensee informed that refusal to submit to, or failure complete, a breath or blood test would result in a one year license suspension or two or three year revocation?
  • Did the licensee refuse to submit to, or fail to complete, a chemical test after being requested to by a peace officer?

The arresting documents will be entered into evidence by the Hearing Officer. Your DUI defense lawyer should be skilled at objecting to the documents, presenting rebuttal evidence, and determining when to subpoena witnesses to the hearing. At the conclusion of the hearing, the Hearing Officer will take all of the evidence under submission and render a decision which will either end the license suspension or set aside the license suspension. Contact Attorney Parker, the DUI Professor, today to protect your rights and driving privileges. The DUI Professor is committed to providing you with the personalized and compassionate legal representation that you deserve!

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