Do You Need a DUI Lawyer in Los Angeles County?

A DUI charge in Los Angeles County can be a very serious offense, which can really disrupt your life and finances. It is imperative that you hire a DUI lawyer from Los Angeles as soon as possible to begin preparing your defense. The DUI Professor is equipped with the know-how, resources and experience to navigate through the nuances of the LA County Court system, and present your defense for the best outcome.

Having skilled Los Angeles DUI lawyers on your side, who understand the specifics of your case, will ensure that you have the best chances of minimizing or even eliminating the consequences of the DUI. We have vast experience representing those charged with complex misdemeanor and felony offenses.

The consequences of not taking your DUI seriously and being convicted range from very inconvenient to devastating results that can include such punishments as:

  • Jail Time
  • Work Release
  • Probation
  • Alcohol Monitoring
  • Mandatory Alcohol Treatment Program
  • License Suspension
  • Ignition Interlock Device Installation
  • Fines & Fees

If you or a loved one are facing drinking and driving charges, please do not hesitate to contact the DUI Professor now to secure the kind of defense that you deserve! Call us today for a free consultation at (800) 805-6769.

Los Angeles County Court Process

When you are arrested for DUI in LA County, the arresting officer prepares a report and sends it to the prosecuting agency. After a review, a complaint will be filed in the local Superior Court. The specific court your case will be assigned to is determined by the location of your arrest.

If your case is filed as a misdemeanor offense, our Los Angeles DUI attorney known as the DUI Professor will be able to appear on your behalf at Court, without you having to be there. The first appearance is known as the arraignment, where the charges are presented. The DUI Professor will either enter a plea of “not guilty” for you or the arraignment may be continued according to the specifics of your case.

Upon entering a “not guilty plea”, a schedule will then be set for a pretrial hearing. It is here where your defense attorney will talk to the prosecuting attorney and advocate on your behalf. Based on the results of that discussion with the prosecutor, your lawyer will file any motions, or requests for additional discovery to evaluate your case.

Once we have thoroughly evaluated your case and reached an offer, we may recommend that you enter into the negotiated plea agreement or we may recommend that your case go to trial.

Los Angeles County DMV Process

A typical DUI arrest will result in the arresting officer taking your physical driver’s license, and replacing it with a pink sheet of paper. This pink sheet is known as the Administrative Per Se (APS) Suspension/Revocation Order & Temporary Driver License. If you currently have a valid driver’s license, this pink piece of paper will also serve as your temporary driver’s license for the next 30 days. Although you will have full driving privileges, you need to remember to act quickly to avoid automatic suspension. The DMV only allows 10 days for you to act to fight the license suspension. Having a DUI attorney on your side who knows how to negotiate through this process could not be more important. Your DUI lawyer will be able to request the APS Hearing with the driver safety office closest to the location of your Los Angeles County DUI arrest.  Additionally, your DUI attorney will request discovery and that a stay be place on the suspension of your license. The DUI Professor is here to make sure that your defense and representation is highly skilled and uniquely qualified to build your case and protect your rights in Los Angeles County.

The DMV assigns a Hearing Officer to preside over your APS Hearing. The Hearing Officer is charged with rendering a decision in regard to the license suspension. At the APS hearing, the Hearing Officer looks at three specified issues; however, if the driver did not submit to a chemical test, then the hearing revolves around four issues. The issues are as follows:

Three issues if the licensee submitted to a chemical test:

  • Did the peace officer have reasonable cause to believe that the licensee was driving a motor vehicle in violation of California Vehicle Code Sections 23152 or 23153?
  • Was the licensee lawfully arrested?
  • Was the licensee driving a motor vehicle with 0.08% or more, by weight, of alcohol in the blood?

Four issues if the licensee refused to submit to, or failed to complete, a chemical test (refusal):

  • Did the peace officer have reasonable cause to believe that the licensee was driving a motor vehicle in violation of California Vehicle Code Sections 23152 or 23153?
  • Was the licensee lawfully arrested?
  • Was the licensee advised that refusal to submit to, or failure to complete, a breath or blood test would result in a one year license suspension or two or three year revocation?
  • Did the licensee refuse to submit to, or fail to complete, a chemical test after being requested to by a peace officer?

In order to prove the above issues, the Hearing Officer will enter into evidence the arresting officer’s reports, in addition to any blood alcohol results. A qualified DUI attorney will be skilled at objecting to the documents, presenting rebuttal evidence, and/or calling witnesses. At the conclusion of the hearing, the Hearing Officer will take all arguments and evidence under review and render a written decision that will either sustain the suspension on license or set aside the suspension. Contact Attorney Parker, the DUI Professor, today to get the legal representation that you deserve!

DUI Professor will always have your best interest in mind and aggressively advocate for your rights. With an experienced and skillful DUI lawyer that knows the courts in Los Angeles County, you will have the best representation available.

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